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BIG NEWS: I’m An Elephant!

No, not like the animal!  That would be CRAZY. And this is even MORE exciting!

I’m the new Bikram / hot yoga writer for Elephant Journal!


Now I know some of you aren’t yoga people, per se, but if you ARE, or if you’re just interested in reading some mildly snarky, yoga-centric non-fiction penned by moi, then please check it out! The Elephant site is awesome and I’m thrilled beyond my wildest Savasana to be writing for them!

Here are the links:

MY AUTHOR PAGE - which includes my fantabulous bio and links to past articles I’ve written!

MY DEBUT POST - in which I discuss Bikram, the dentist, and getting the “Mind Over The Matter”! SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE, AMMIRIGHT?!?

Feel free to facebook, tweet, tumbl, google+ (is anyone using google+? Beuhler?), re-blog, re-use, recycle, etc! Make it the basis of your next commencement speech, sales pitch, or wedding toast! Print it out and sleep with it under your pillow!

Well, that last one might be creepy… Nah, actually, I’d still take it. What can I say? I’m a whore for publicity.

WHICH REMINDS ME! If you have any interest whatsoever in this hot yoga biznass, you can also follow my OTHER tumblr (the YOGA one), called IT’S A PARTY, NOT A PICNIC!

Anyway, THIS has gone on long enough, ya think? I’m done now. You can all go back to making Harry Potter gifs and posting pictures of cute animals. And food. And cute animals eating food.

Have a great day, tumbl-people, thanks for being here!

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