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Air Sign At The Office

I like to periodically change the desktop background on my computer at work to match my interests. And since I’m a Gemini, my interests - and thus my desktop - are changing all the time.

When I was really into yoga and doing my teacher training, for instance, this was my background image:

A lotus flower! Get it?

And the first year I went to New York Fashion Week and officially became fashion crazed, it was this:


It’s the tents at Bryant Park! 

And a few months ago when I felt like I REALLY needed a vacation, it was this:

I don’t know where that is, but I’d like to go there!

So now to match my new overwhelming interest-slash-obsession, I’ve changed it again, to this!:

To which Pam responded, ”What? Now you’re into Glee?”

(record scratching noise)

Oh Pam. Let’s be clear on one thing. As much of an air sign as I may be, as many times as I suffer through people saying, “OH! You like musical theater! You MUST love that new show GLEE!”, as many times as Pandora tries to infiltrate my station with remixed Glee-pop versions of “Bad Romance” and “Pokerface”,  I will never, EVER be into GLEE. Why? Because it is JUST TERRIBLE.

Also, for the record, I NEVER liked stupid High School Musical. UGH.